Thursday, January 14, 2010

Colour Tip for 2010 from my friend Thelma van der Werff

The colour of 2010 is……YELLOW. The colour yellow is related to Focus. In numerology numbers are added together until a single number total is achieved. Each number has a special significance and as with colour and sound, numbers resonate to certain vibrations and frequencies. Creating properties to influence how we feel and develop.

The year 2010 can be added together; 2+0+1+0 to bring a total of 3. Yellow and the number 3 are related to Focus.

Yellow can help you get a clearer picture of what you want to achieve. This year make it a priority to ‘focus’ on every single task and finish each one before starting something new. Single-minded focus can have the power of a laser-beam.

2010 has the potential to bring pure joy of living, and provided you stay focussed and concentrate on whatever it is you wish to achieve, self confidence, fulfilment and enthusiasm for life.

Wear a yellow shirt or blouse, buy yellow flowers or eat yellow fruit and vegetables, use the number 3, to remind yourself to stay focussed.