Friday, April 30, 2010

celebrating thoughts - 30 04 2005

celebrating thoughts "i dont have to search for picnic spots- am happy right here right now-i have a portable paradise-am choice-less & effortless-i am in bliss"

Celebrating thoughts - 01 05 2010

 "practice for an hour each day, to go beyond the world and thought till that hour extends to become a lifetime."

Friday, February 05, 2010

Truth behind the Veil

Read an informative article by Farida Khanam - an associate Professor @ Jamia Milla Islamia New Delhi .Being a student of philosophy it was enlightening - though subscription to the idea is a matter of self judgement.

Some of the interesting points made be her

1.The Burqua is not a part of Islam but an element of Muslim culture and the distinction is important

2.The source of Islam is the Quran rather than the Muslim culture, Muslim culture is a social phenomenon while the quran is the Book of God as revealed to the prophet of Islam

3.Burqua in ancient times meant - a piece of clothing that was used as a protection , especially in winters
4.It becomes clear from her essay that the present ""Burqua" or ""hijab"" are not Quaranic terms ;both are part of the muslim culture and not part of the Quranic commandments.

5.Muslim tradition mayl be judged in the light of the original teachings of Islam instead of regarding the muslim culture as Islam itself.

the above are just salient parts of the article - the article can be read in the times of India edition Jan 30th 2010

- Dr Amit K Saiya

""I pledge to make my car a no phone zone "" do make the time to read it

Yesterday a freak situation happened - I was driving back from my office and though I do not pick up calls when driving,there was someone important driving me nuts with their incessant calling.I decided to take the call to tell the person that I was driving -but in those few seconds I would have driven into a car flat and square - a car whose driver was also immersed on the phone and had taken a wrong turn onto a one way road.

I did not know whether to blame myself or the other person and am sure she must have also thought so - so we sheepishly smiled and made our ways .

All said and done but for the few seconds in which the accident could have happened my heart was in my mouth.

I then and there decided to make my car a No Phone Zone and

"I pledge to make my car a No Phone Zone. Beginning right now, I will do my part to help put an end to distracted driving by not texting or using my phone while I am driving. I will ask other drivers I know to do the same. I pledge to make a difference."

I request my friends on face book to do the same and just send me a message just saying "" I Do too " after having taken the pledge..

Awaiting your taking the pledge too ...

- Dr Amit K Saiya

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Colour Tip for 2010 from my friend Thelma van der Werff

The colour of 2010 is……YELLOW. The colour yellow is related to Focus. In numerology numbers are added together until a single number total is achieved. Each number has a special significance and as with colour and sound, numbers resonate to certain vibrations and frequencies. Creating properties to influence how we feel and develop.

The year 2010 can be added together; 2+0+1+0 to bring a total of 3. Yellow and the number 3 are related to Focus.

Yellow can help you get a clearer picture of what you want to achieve. This year make it a priority to ‘focus’ on every single task and finish each one before starting something new. Single-minded focus can have the power of a laser-beam.

2010 has the potential to bring pure joy of living, and provided you stay focussed and concentrate on whatever it is you wish to achieve, self confidence, fulfilment and enthusiasm for life.

Wear a yellow shirt or blouse, buy yellow flowers or eat yellow fruit and vegetables, use the number 3, to remind yourself to stay focussed.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

the salt bath - to reduce stress and anxiety

Met one of wellness care clients (patient) today.Had adviced him of a salt bath weeks ago - it really made a difference to him.He requested me to put it up on face book as it would benefit many , so am making a note of it here ...

Sea salt can help promote greater relaxation. A sea salt bath can actually help reduce your level of stress.

Take your bath an hour or so before getting ready for bed and engage in only relaxing, quiet activities from that point on. You will be amazed at how refreshed you will feel once you have incorporate this routine.

The bath ritual is to fill half a bucket with warm water and add one palm of sea salt to the water and mix it into the water.Have a leisurely bath by pouring the water on your face working downwards.Then wipe yourself off with a towel. Do not use a soap.

You will feel rejuvenated and better able to cope with life’s demands, once you are no longer overwhelmed by anxiety and pressure. You will be able to concentrate better and think more
clearly,when you allow yourself to relax and unwind.

Another benefit of literally washing away the tension of the day is the ability to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

Wishing you a night of fitful and restful sleep.
- Dr Amit K Saiya

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Book : Icons Edited By Anil Dharker

Sometimes we pick up a book but due to paucity of time, reading it takes a back seat.The book lies on our bookshelf for a long time. A time comes when the book reaches out to us saying - please read me .
Such a book was " Icons" which I had picked up on 14th April, last year but started reading it from the New year.
An Interesting Saga spanning several decades, the book unfolds the charisma, exceptional destinies, talents and achievements of twenty great personalities who have and continue to set extraordinary examples for India .
The essays on Justice P.N Bhagwati, Amartya Sena and Mrs.Sonia Gandhi give a new insight into their lives and their positive contribution to India's though process.
The essays on Prannoy Roy, Maqbool Fida Hussain and Salman Rushdie make for mediocre reading.
One essay made a profound influence on my life. Would strongly recommend this book to friends - even if one essay adds value to the thought process, its worth owning the book.
A line by Amartya Sen on seeing communalism first hand "the experience was devastating for me, and suddenly made me aware of the dangers of narrowly defined identities and also of the divisiveness that can lie buried in communitarian politics. It also alerted me to the remarkable fact that economic unfreedom, in the form of extreme poverty, can make a person a helpless prey in the violation of other kinds of freedom" exposed me to the depth of his thought process.
My earlier perception of Sen being overrated, changed with this one qoute - and I realise he can never be over-rated and am eager to read more of his works and life.